Composer/Producer in Toronto

My focus is on electronic music and video game soundtrack design. Most recently, I developed code and produced an original soundtrack (OST) and SFX library for NASTY KITCHEN and Sleep at Night, a pair of 2D Adventure-Puzzle games developed by BC-based GREMSHAK.


I produce experimental EDM under the stage name Bigue Fague. In October 2022, I released my fourth full-length album, DAD-SHAPED, available to stream on all streaming platforms and to buy on Bandcamp. 70% of the proceeds of my second album, Plummet are being donated to Sistering, a Toronto-based organization offering councelling services and safe spaces to woman and trans + nonbinary individuals experiencing homelessness.


In 2020, I was awarded 3rd prize in the SOCAN Foundation Young Composers competition for my acousmatic piece “Hilarious,” which showcases both the inherent rhythmic qualities of laughter and those created through editing and splicing the audio material.